Staff Members

Carmen Mora, Executive Director; 989-753-5200 x. 500 

Contact the Executive Director for questions in any of the following areas: Fund Development, Homeownership Program, Housing Counseling and Financial Services and Donation of properties

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Diane Kloc, Executive Assistant; 989-753-5200 x. 500 or 218

Susan Schatzley, Financial Manager; 989-753-5200 x. 500 or 209

Ann Szymanowski, Development Director; 989-753-5200 x. 207

Lindsay Olgine, Community Impact Manager; 989-753-5200 

Evelyn Moten, Housing Counselor; 989-753-5200 x. 220

Tamekia Bell, Housing Counselor; 989-753-5200 x. 224

Lizz Gluchowski, Home Repairs Manager; 989-753-5200 x. 210

Contact the Home Repair Manager for questions in any of the following areas: Home Repairs, Home Maintenance Classes, Businesses/churches/groups that would like to volunteer on Home Repair/Neighborhood Revitalization projects.

If you are a contactor who would like to bid on Home Repair projects please contact the Home Repairs Manager.

Dorla Welsh, Leads Intake Receptionist; 989-753-5200 x. 201

Laura Fox, Home Repair Assistant; 989-753-5200 x. 208

Jennifer Fisher, Construction Projects Manager; 989-753-5200 x. 203

Contact the Projects Manager for questions in any of the following areas: Contractors that would like to bid on Rehabs/Home Repairs, Tuesday/Thursday Crew to work on Rehabs, Vehicle Donations or a problem with Habitat-owned property

Michael Berthume, Construction Manager, Shiawassee County

Gregory McKenna, Construction Projects Assistant; 989-753-5200 x. 222

Rich Kramer, Construction Projects Associate; 989-753-5200 x. 222

Charlie Wargel, Construction Support and Design, Full-time Volunteer; 989-295-8447