The homeownership program at Saginaw-Shiawassee Habitat is one of the cornerstones of our organization. Our homeownership program helps people move from sub-standard housing to newly built or renovated, energy efficient and affordable homes. Applicants are chosen by their need for housing, willingness to partner and ability to pay a mortgage as well as meeting residency and income guidelines.


1. Demonstrate a need for decent, affordable housing
• You do not qualify for a mortgage through conventional financing
• Your current housing is overcrowded
• Your neighborhood is unsafe
• Your current home has unsafe living conditions

2. Willingness to partner with Habitat
• Each adult over the age of 21 must contribute a minimum of 250 Sweat Equity hours
• Every applicant will attend classes in the evening or weekends or online as necessary

3. Ability to pay the monthly mortgage
• See the income guidelines and credit standards below

4. Residency
• U.S. Citizenship, permanent residency status, or eligible immigration status
• Must live or work in Saginaw or Shiawassee County

5. Not currently own a home, have a mortgage, or have your name on a mortgage

6. Two years must have passed since any bankruptcy was discharged
Income Guidelines and Credit Standards

Qualifying income minimums and maximums are determined by family size and are 30-80% of the area median income for Saginaw and Shiawassee County. These guidelines are adjusted each year and are based on numbers defined by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Sources of income include: employment, social security, disability, spouse support, pension, unemployment and self employment/business income.
Applicants must meet the following income guidelines:
2020-21 Guidelines for Housing Income


Family Size 1 2 3 4 5 6 7  8
Minimum Annual Income  $13,425.00  $15,337.50  $17,250.00  $19,162.50  $20,700.00  $22,237.50  $23,775.00  $25,312.50
Maximum Annual Income  $35,800.00  $40,900.00  $46,000.00  $51,100.00  $55,200.00  $59,300.00  $63,400.00  $67,500.00


Family Size 1                     2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Minimum Annual Income $14,681.25 $16,781.25 $18,881.25 $20,962.50 $22,650.00 $24,318.75 $26,006.25 $27,675.00
Maximum Annual Income  $39,150.00  $44,750.00  $50,350.00  $55,900.00  $60,400.00  $64,850.00  $69,350.00  $73,800.00

Credit Standards

Saginaw-Shiawassee Habitat for Humanity does not require perfect credit.  We consider applicants who demonstrate the ability to make regular payments on their bills. Any collections, past due accounts, judgments, or liens must be addressed. Applicants with negative items on their credit reports will be denied. If you have negative items, such as collections, charge offs, etc. please connect with us for financial coaching prior to attending an application meeting.

Down Payment

Accepted applicants are also required to make a down payment prior to the closing of the mortgage.