Fundraising Ideas

Make Habitat a line item in the budget–This will ensure regular participation in Habitat’s work.

 Serve up a favorite dinner, desserts, or ice cream– Plan a social and spice it up with a speaker, dance or performers. (Partner families make great speakers.)

 Trade treasures at a garage sale–People seem to give more, in every way, when a garage sale is connected with a cause.

 Make noise with a silent auction–Offer baskets to biscuits and music to meals.Persuasive organizers can obtain terrific donations from area business. Proceeds can number in the thousands.

 Get creative with a craft show Solicit crafters from the community to donate items or a portion of sales.

 Make a model house–Build a model house in which to collect donations. Place the house in high traffic areas of your business, store, or place of worship.

 Buy a brick– create a grid on a poster containing a drawing of a house. Sell sections of the grid and write donors names in the spaces.

 Pound it home with a nail sale Paint the tips of nails and sell them- $1 for a bronze nail, $3 for a silver nail, and $5 for a gold nail.

 Step out with youth for a walkathon– Set a high goal and challenge  youth to obtain “over the top” pledges.

 Phone a friend– Have one group challenge another group to match donations with a phone tree campaign.

 Collect a mile of pennies, nickels, or dimes– Have you resident genius figure out how much that would net, and then get to work

 Collect aluminum cans– Who knew something like soda could be so great for the community?!

 Multiply your talents –Provide seed money to individuals or groups who have fundraising ideas, with the goal of multiplying the amount given. When St. Giles Presbyterian Church in Greenville, S.C. distributed $21,000 to different members in the congregation, they tripled their proceeds to more than $66,000.

 The tried and true– Bake sales, auctions, babysitting, preparing mailings for businesses and clean up days for donations are often still great fundraisers.