The “Human Element” between the Dow Chemical Company and Habitat for Humanity

Saginaw-Shiawassee Habitat for Humanity recently won a blog contest led by the Dow Chemical Company with the entry titled Dow’s Human Element, helping us take it from good to great!

” It was 2008. Plans for Dow to build a new house with our Saginaw affiliate were in the works. However, the City of Saginaw was already experiencing the beginning of the housing market crash. Foreclosures were picking up and there were plenty of empty houses. A new build in the City of Saginaw was no longer making sense. We kept racking our brains and batting ideas around.

“Maybe we would buy a vacant house and renovate it? Or, maybe we could try something new… maybe Dow would like to take their gift and spread it throughout a whole neighborhood?” “…

Read the full winning entry here!